It’s like having a personal trainer in the palm of your hand… you can train at a time to suit you following your own bespoke programme!

VIP access to expert advice, motivation and support from former professional rugby player, George Nairn, including helpful tips and video guides.

Personalised programmes for all ages and abilities continually monitored, reviewed and updated to keep you motivated and moving towards your goal!

Get nutrition, diet and supplement advice to maximise the benefits of your exercise programme and to aid your general health and wellbeing.

Nairn Fitness Online Coaching is ideal for those of you who are looking for professional advice and continuing help to:

  • transform the way you look;
  • improve and maintain your level of fitness and wellbeing;
  • increase your energy levels;
  • feel more confident about your appearance;
  • continue to enjoy exercise and avoid getting bored or fatigued;
  • experience the benefits of a constantly evolving, bespoke exercise and diet plan tailored to your particular body type and fitness goals;
  • lose fat and look and feel more toned;
  • build muscle mass;
  • fulfil your true fitness potential.

Nairn Fitness Online Coaching is the equivalent of having an expert mentor, fitness instructor and ‘gym buddy’ with you at all times.

It’s an invaluable source of help, information and support in making sure that you maximise the effects of regular exercise and enjoy the life-changing benefits of a constantly evolving and bespoke exercise and diet programme.

When you enlist the services of former professional rugby player, George Nairn, you’ll receive advice from an athlete that’s been coached to perform at his full potential and, more importantly, maintain his peak performance. He’ll pass on tips and advice based on his experience as both a top-flight sportsman and his subsequent training and passion as a personal trainer.

He’ll advise you on how to make the most of regular exercise, including how to:

  • avoid hitting a plateau, losing enthusiasm or feeling fatigued;
  • use the correct techniques to avoid injuries and get better results;
  • ‘fuel’ your body effectively;
  • constantly update your training and diet to force your body to evolve and transform;
  • achieve your fitness or sporting goals in the shortest possible time;
  • maintain a healthy lifestyle and make exercise an integral aspect of your life.

For more information on the Online Coaching Programme and prices, please email George.

Nairn Fitness Online Coaching includes:

  • Personalised and continually reviewed training programmes tailored to your specific goals or needs.
  • Diet plans including nutrition and advice on supplements.
  • VIP access to expert advice, motivation and support from George Nairn via an Online Coaching members access only Facebook page.
  • Online support from fellow Online Coaching members.
  • Helpful tips and video guides from George Nairn.
  • Health and fitness news updates.
  • Discounts on selected supplements.

The results speak for themselves…

“Because I live in quite a remote location, it’s easier for me to train at home. Having constant access to George’s expertise means that I can continue to exercise but with the confidence that I’m getting regular programme updates and advice from a former, top- flight professional sportsman.”

In the home, in the gym, or online with George Nairn